Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Victims and Restorative Justice in Greece: An overview | Restorative Justice for All

Victims and Restorative Justice in Greece: An overview | Restorative Justice for All

Ανασκόπηση της Ελληνικής βιβλιογραφίας για την υποστήριξη και προστασία των θυμάτων στο πλαίσιο της Επανορθωτικής Δικαιοσύνης
An English language summary of this review is available here.
This review of Greek-speaking literature on safeguarding victims taking part in restorative justice by the European Public Law Organization forms part of the 'Restorative Justice in Europe: Safeguarding Victims & Empowering Professionals' (RJE) project.

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RJE is funded under EC Grant Agreement JUST/2011-2012/JPEN/AG/2951

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Restorative Justice for All Video-clip | Restorative Justice for All

Watch RJ4All promotional video-clip.
Restorative Justice for All Video-clip | Restorative Justice for All

Restorative Justice for all (RJ4All) is an international, non-profit Institute.
The key features of the RJ4All wesbite are:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ)

Source: http://www.rj4all.info/content/IJRJ

The Internet Journal of Restorative Justice (IJRJ) is a free, international peer-reviewed e-journal in the field of restorative justice.

IJRJ' primary aim is to publish scholarly and peer-reviewed articles of the highest standard from many areas of expertise including restorative practices in schools, neighbourhoods, organizations and businesses, family matters and (youth) care, restorative justice in the criminal and juvenile justice system, restorative justice in prison settings and restorative aftercare. Key aims include:
  •  Inform and influence social justice policy at national and international levels
  • Enable those with limited resources to freely access scholarly and peer-reviewed articles on restorative justice including students, practitioners and the public
  • Push the barriers of restorative justice and challenge conventional approaches
  • Enable junior researchers to publish alongside leading names in restorative justice and encourage a dialogue between various generations of academics
  • Increase awareness of the restorative justice concept and help address misconceptions about its potential and limitations.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

International Symposia on Restorative Justice & Human Rights

1st International Symposium on the Philosophy of Restorative Justice & Human Rights

The first Symposium was held in Skopelos between 2-7 June 2012. This unique event brought together an exclusive group of 21 leading international names from the field of restorative justice and human rights. The event took the format of an ancient Greek symposium allowing for in-depth discussions on papers that will later be published as part of an edited Volume. The event was supported by the the Mayor of Skopelos.